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Streaming January 28th

Is an inspiring docuseries about a group of addicts who endeavor to repurpose an underground nuclear bunker in Paradise Valley, Montana. Along the way, they learn to work together under the wild leadership of Dean, a serial entrepreneur, and outdoorsman who has his money on the line. In the end, they learn to repurpose their pain, and the bunker into something new and wonderful.

Men of new thought

and new awareness

30 years ago Dean was on a path of death and destruction. An old man gave him the tools to change his life. He now uses unique construction projects as a catalyst for growth, and shows others that they too can change.

Meet the cast


Dean is a serial entrepreneur with many decades in recovery. He loves the outdoors, riding his motorcycle, and creating interesting opportunities for men in recovery. When he is not out on an adventure he lives and works in Atlanta, GA.


Reid is an accomplished carpenter and expert at construction. When he is not attending meetings and working with other men in recovery he explores his creative side by creating interesting things with metal and wood. He is a loving father and committed to this new way of life.


Cale is the newest addition to the crew. He is a father to a baby girl and is working on reconciling his relationship with his family. He is a cook, skateboarder, and rapper with several songs and albums already completed.


Zeb is a hard-working young man who is trying to find himself and his purpose. He knows that his old ways of drinking are not the way to a thriving life. When he is not working construction with Reid, Zeb enjoys deep sea fishing with his Dad and hanging out at the beach.

Why We Do It

In the time it takes you to watch one episode at least one person will have died from addiction. The Montana Society is taking drastic measures to change this. Sometimes with a kick in the butt, and sometimes with a hug, always an adventure. Join us as we repurpose buildings and pain into something new and wonderful.

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